Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact your residence manager by phone or e-mail. Please find the contact details under the specific dormitory: "Contact Person in the Residence".

Contact our studentservice team by telephone or e-mail for information concerning

  • availability,
  • registration or
  • housing contract. 

Contact details are: studentservice@akademikerhilfe.at   or   +43 1 40176   ext.   61,   62  or   63.

Contact our accounting team by e-mail for questions concerning

  • payment,
  • deposit or
  • refund of deposit.

Contact details are: accounting@akademikerhilfe.at. 

Finding the perfect room has never been easier:

  1. The overview shows all student dormitories in the selected city as well as the amenities of these homes.
  2. Choosing an Akademikerhilfe dormitory - the description and details of that home will be shown as well as all information about the rooms.
  3. The prices are valid for stays of three months or longer. For shorter stays (minimum 11 nights) a higher daily rate will be charged.
  4. The rooms that correspond to the respective wishes and requirements can be saved without obligation in a watch list in order to select them later from the favorites and send an inquiry in the last step.
  5. Therefore a click on the "Registration" button is sufficient and the requested data can be filled in. With the payment of the registration fee of € 20,- the registration process is completed.
  6. As soon as we can offer a free place the applicant will receive an offer from our student services team. The applicant will then have a few days to make a commitment. With the creation of a SEPA direct debit mandate in our favor and the successful debiting of the processing fee the contract of use is considered accepted. (Likewise with the receipt of processing fee and deposit in case of a bank transfer).

The registration fee is charged for the initial administrative effort of the registration. It amounts € 20,- and has to be paid directly in the course of the registration (Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, bank transfer) and is non-refundable. The payment does not include any legal claim to a subsequent offer of contract or the conclusion of a contract. 

You can ‘release’ yourself for the period in which you are completing the overseas semester. This means that you do not have to pay any rent during this period and we will provide you with a residence place in your original residence once you return. A release for an overseas semester (as for a normal termination) is to be requested from the residence unit at least 2 months before you plan to move out.


In general you have to bring your own bedding and bed linen.

Both (own bedding and bed linen) can also be pre-ordered in the course of the contract acceptance or - if in stock - also purchased on site (please clarify the stock with the home management in time).


The final cleaning fee is charged for the final cleaning of the room, the bathroom unit and kitchen. It is incurred for every room change or move out. Generally this fee is offset against the deposit when you move out or billed in the month when you change rooms.

If you would like to move in earlier, please contact your residence manager or the Studentservice Department. You can find the contact details under the item ‘Contact’ for the respective residences. 

As soon as it has been clarified if the booked and allocated room will be available, the exact price can be determined and an individual appointment for moving in can be made. In case of an early move-in the billing will be done on a daily basis.

According to the requirements of the registration law, in Austria every resident must must register with the registration authorities within three days. More detailed information can be found in the registration law and on the website of the respective cities.

Before you register with the registration authorities, the registration forms that you require are to be submitted to the residence manager to be stamped and signed on the day the contract begins!


The deregistration must be done within three days before to three days after the accommodation is vacated.

The resident makes the registration and deregistration independently.

The contribution to residence representation is due with the first user fee in the month of contract start and after this once a year with the Housing Fee in October and amounts to  € 30,00. There is no claim for aliquot or refund. The contribution to residence representation is used to cover damages to the property of Akademikerhilfe or property administered by Akademikerhilfe if the question of guilt can not be clarified. The remaining amount is available for community purchases by the residence representation after completion of the annual settlement of accounts.

The most important thing first: you should still register with us! Once you are in the system, we will keep you on the waiting list and will get in touch once a place for you becomes free. And: if you move into another residence in the meantime because there are actually no further places in your preferred residence, you can nevertheless submit a room preference for your preferred residence in the resident portal and you will be in ‘pole position’ and find out first when a room becomes available.


A deposit is required before moving in. The current amount of the deposit to be paid can be found under "Other fees" at the respective home on our website.

The deposit is refunded at the earliest two months after moving out. If damage is found, the amount of damage is deducted. The exact date of the debit or the due date can be obtained from accounting team.

Benützungsvertrag VI

In case of proper and timely return of the dormitory place, Akademikerhilfe will arrange the refund of the deposit minus the final cleaning fee (see VII.2.) and any outstanding claims earliest 45 days up to 60 days after the end of the contract at the latest.

BV VI. Deposit refund

In case of proper and timely return of the dormitory place, Akademikerhilfe will arrange the refund of the deposit minus the final cleaning fee (see VII.2.) and any outstanding claims earliest 45 days up to 60 days after the end of the contract at the latest.

For payments (usage fee, deposits, etc.), please use the following account numbers:


1010 Wien, Ebendorferstraße 8

1030 Wien, Fasangasse 46

1030 Wien, Jacqzingasse 53

1090 Wien, Canisiusgasse 16

1150 Wien, Linke Wienzeile 212

1180 Wien, Währinger Gürtel 77

1180 Wien, Michaelerstraße 11

1180 Wien, Weitlofgasse 4/ Michaelerstraße 8

1190 Wien, Döblinger Hauptstraße 83/ Pyrkergasse 39

1210 Wien, Zaunscherbgasse 4+6

4020 Linz, Domgasse 3

6020 Innsbruck, Tschurtschenthalerstraße 7

6020 Innsbruck, Müllerstraße 29

6020 Innsbruck, Maximilianstraße 8

6020 Innsbruck, Frau-Hitt-Straße 14

6020 Innsbruck, Erzherzog-Eugen-Straße 39 (Euregio-Campus)

7000 Eisenstadt, Propstengasse 1

8010 Graz, Münzgrabenstraße 59

8010 Graz, Hilmgasse21/ Heinrichstraße 124

8700 Leoben, Gösserstraße 15

9020 Klagenfurt, Universitätsstraße 68

9020 Klagenfurt, Mozartstraße 61

Account Holder:

  • Akademikerhilfe Studentenunterstützungsverein


  • UniCredit Bank Austria AG

    Rothschildplatz 1, 1020 Wien



All other residences:

1020 Wien, Freudplatz 2

1040 Wien, Mayerhofgasse 3

1080 Wien, Pfeilgasse 1a

1080 Wien, Pfeilgasse 3a

1080 Wien, Pfeilgasse 4-6

1180 Wien, Starkfriedgasse 15

1190 Wien, Muthgasse 23

1200 Wien, Wehlistraße 35-43

4040 Linz, Pulvermühlstraße 41

5020 Salzburg, Priesterhausgasse 6

6020 Innsbruck, Schützenstraße 43

6020 Innsbruck, Am Gießen 20

8010, Elisabethstraße 93

8043, Untere Schönbrunngasse 7-11

8700 Leoben, Schillerstraße 27

8700 Leoben, Schillerstraße 29

9020 Klagenfurt, Universitätsstraße 68

Account Holder:

  • Akademikerhilfe Studentenunterstützungsverein


  • UniCredit Bank Austria AG

    Rotschildplatz 1, 1020 Wien



BV X. Kündigung ab Vertragsbeginn

Kündigung durch den Studierenden

Eine Kündigung des Benützungsvertrages durch den Studierenden vor Ablauf der vereinbarten Vertragsdauer ist unter Einhaltung einer zweimonatigen Kündigungsfrist jeweils bis zum Letzten des Monats per E-Mail an studentservice@akademikerhilfe.at möglich. Die Beweislast für den rechtzeitigen Eingang der Kündigung liegt beim Studierenden. Zusätzlich gilt § 12 Abs.3 StHG.

It is possible for the resident to terminate the usage agreement at the latest on the last day of every month while observing a period of notice of two months. The termination must be submitted in writing (e-mail is sufficient) on the last working day (Monday to Friday) of a month (e.g. if you wish to move out on 31st May, the termination must be received in writing by 31st March). Responsibility for the timely receipt of the termination lies with the resident.


Our online user portal can be accessed by the button "resident login" which is visible at the top of the website. The access data for the online portal will be sent by e-mail after acceptance of the contract offer. 

With the portal you can

  • manage your personal details,
  • renew contracts (only after explicit information and request),
  • manage finances or
  • room requests can be submitted.

Please check your personal data regularly! Telephone number and e-mail address must always be kept up to date so we can transmit important and/or urgent information.


You can get more information about available parking spaces from the residence management of the student dorm. All student residences at a glance

All operating costs and electricity are included in the usage fee. 

Internet, building management, cleaning of common areas and the use of common rooms are not part of the contract but an additional service provided to the residents on a voluntary basis until revokation at any time.

For a SEPA mandate you need a bank account of an EU country with EURO as national currency. On the online portal (access data will be sent by e-mail after acceptance of the contract offer) account data can be provided or changed.


We have one-time and recurrent expenses.

One-time costs:

  • Registration fee: € 20,- payable when completing registration
  • Processing fee: € 30,- upon acceptance of contract
  • Deposit: Details about this can be found in the respective residence under ‘Other fees’.
  • Final cleaning fee: This fee is due for each room change and move-out (BV VII/2) and can be found under "Other fees" on the website.

Recurrring costs:

  • Usage fee: This is the fee for the use of your room. It has always to be paid in advance by the 1st of the respective month.
  • Residence representation sum: € 30,- when moving in and annually in October

If anything is not completely clear to you with regard to the prices, simply ask your residence management, who will be happy to help you!

  1. Cancellation more than 62 days before the start of the contract: any caution will be refunded, the processing fee remains with Akademikerhilfe. 
  2. Cancellation between 62 days and one day before the start of the contract: In this case the processing fee is forfeited in favor of Akademikerhilfe. In addition, Akademikerhilfe retains one monthly usage fee which is deducted from the deposit. The difference between the deposit and the usage fee will be refunded. If the usage fee exceeds the amount of the deposit the remaining amount will be charged.

The withdrawal from the contract must be announced by e-mail to studentservice@akademikerhilfe.at. The burden of proof for the timely receipt is by the withdrawing party.

Please note:

If you have booked a short-term stay (12 days to 91 days), no free cancellation is possible after prepayment has been made, so the following cancellation conditions apply:

  1. Cancellation up to more than 62 days before the start of the contract: the processing fee will be retained.
  2. Cancellation between 62 and more than 31 days before the beginning of the contract: 50% of the total amount will be retained.
  3. In case of later cancellation the total amount will be retained.


The renewal of the contract usually takes place in March/April. You will be informed about the exact period by e-mail. To extend your agreement, you must demonstrate positive study progress to us as per the student residence law, i.e. submit examinations that you have completed.

The extension can be done via the online resident portal

During registration please indicate the type of room and the price category you wish to stay in. If you already know a certain room number or have another preference, please simply tell us this by e-mail and we will do all we can to fulfill your preferences. 

Room requests can be submitted via our online resident portal. In the "Room Request" menu of the online portal you will find all rooms based on certain criteria (size, orientation, etc.) that can be added to the respective "Wish List" by clicking. The room wishes must always be kept up to date.

Please note!

If a desired room is once assigned, the room must also be accepted.