We support students in need

We developed this project together with the Association to Support Students in Need in order to make it possible for students from low-income families to gain an education away from their parent’s home. We support these students with housing assistance in the form of a subsidy towards the usage fee. This subsidy is transferred into the account of the resident as a one-time fixed sum for the current academic year.

Would you like to apply for housing assistance? Then please complete this form and send a scan of it to the residence unit with your study assistance notification. You are also welcome to send this by fax.

Applications for the current academic year can be submitted to us by 28th February of the respective year at the latest. A new application must be submitted for each academic year.

The social project committee decides on the awarding of housing assistance once the submission deadline has passed. This assistance is then transferred into the account of the resident during the summer semester.

Application and more information:

Student service team / Heimreferat der Akademikerhilfe


Telephone +43 (0)1 401 76-61