About us

The Akademikerhilfe student support association

Akademikerhilfe is a charitable association with around 40 members from civil, church and economic backgrounds. Nineteen of these members are currently on the honorary board, which bears responsibility in all legal and financial matters.

Dr. Christian Sonnweber was elected as chairman of Akademikerhilfe on 28th June 2017. In this voluntary role, he succeeds Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Roderich Regler, who held the position for 36 years. Christian Sonnweber has been a member of the board since 1990 and on the board of directors since 1998. His deputies are Dr. Otto Huber, Mag. Clemens Theuermann-Bernhardt and Mag. Dr. Gerald Scheidl.

The tasks of the treasurer are assumed by  Dipl.-Ing. Georg Feith and Mag. Ulrike Farnik. The secretary is Mag. Theresa Philippi, her deputy Mag. Alexander Preyer.

All members of the board of directors can be contacted via the secretary general:

Pfeilgasse 3a, 1080 Wien

E-Mail: generalsecretary@akademikerhilfe.at

The operational level of the association is managed by secretary general Mag. Bernhard Tschrepitsch, supported by his employees. Around 70 people are currently employed permanently by Akademikerhilfe. Many of them can already look back on a long-standing employment relationship as it is important to the organisation to retain reliable, loyal employees in the company.