"Bed linens and and beddings starter pack" for students: Available in all dorms of Akademikerhilfe!

Fresh bed linens and beddings for your new student residence. Bookable during reservation of any of our dorms. ?


What does the "Bed linens and beddings starter pack" contain?

For € 35.00 ⁠
✔️ 1 pillow cover (60x80cm)
✔️ 1 blanket cover (140x200cm)
✔️ 1 fitted sheet ⁠(90/100x200x18cm)

For € 40.00⁠
✔️ 1 pillow (60x80cm)
✔️ 1 blanket (140x200cm)

How can I order the "Bed linens and beddings starter pack"?

This starter pack is available in all our student residences upon reservation.

For further information:

Akademikerhilfe Studentenunterstützungsverein
Email: info_homepage@akademikerhilfe.at
Phone: +43 1 401760