Why is Erasmus the opportunity you shouldn’t miss?

Going on a student exchange and spending a few months in another country, meeting new friends from all over Europe and the world, improving language skills and gaining an amazing experience? Most students who have embarked on this adventure will agree with us on the 10 reasons for going to exchange. By Mina Mihailovic.

#1 You will learn more about the world

unrecognisable people cooking
Cooking together with people from different countries is a wonderful way to get to know each other's culture. (c) Katerina Holmes on Pexels

Travel, and therefore go to the exchange, you can learn a lot more than any university course. It teaches you about the culture of the country you're going to. Take the opportunity to talk with the locals! It is the best way to learn more about their thoughts, customs, traditions, and history.

#2 You will learn more about the new country you're visiting

If you decide to go on exchange, you will learn a lot about other foreign cultures, but also of his own. You will know more about cultural differences and you will see what makes up your particular culture. Coming home after a few months, you will see your country with different eyes.

#3 You will learn more about yourself

You can learn a lot about yourself through this journey and so you'll see how you feel when you're away from your country. You will see how you feel in terms of foreign people, how much you know or do not know about the world.

#4 You will become more tolerant

During an exchange student meet a lot of people who are different from you. You will learn to appreciate and accept differences and this will make you more open and accessible.

#5 You will have unforgettable moments and experiences

Group of friends
On to unforgettable memories! (c) Helena Lopes on Pexels

The best memories of those times are when you are traveling with your international friends and exploring new places. You will have memories of what you will never find at home. You'll see beautiful landscapes and places that do not exist where you live. You will meet people who will change your life and way of thinking, or you might try something you have not had a chance to try.

#6 You will become more independent  

This experience will make a person more independent, more confident. You will realize that when you manage to overcome obstacles without help. You will quickly find that you are much stronger and braver than you expected.

#7 You'll get a lot of new knowledge

When you travel, you can learn a lot of useful things. These things can be anything - from local recipes to new, more effective solutions to everyday problems or some new vision to create something new.

#8 You will improve languages

Although spending a semester or two on the exchange in a country where the language is the same or similar as yours, you can still learn some new words and expressions which you will be able to use there. If you go to a country where they speak a different language than yours, you'll learn more. Student exchanges are a great opportunity to improve the language you're learning, or learn a new one. You will have the opportunity to meet the locals and improve your language skills.

#9 Your experience will give you a lot of new energy

After coming home, you will be more motivated than before departure. During your journey, you may have learned some things you want to try at home. You may want to test the new skills and knowledge.

#10 You will get stories that you will remember until the end of your life

During the exchange you will surely experience some new crazy experience, mostly positive, that will become your story that you will speak to everyone about. When you grow up and look back at your previous life, you will realize how much you have experienced and lived through in life.

About the author

My name is Mina Mihailovic and I come from Novi Sad, Serbia. I am currently pursuing master studies in Slavic languages, with specialization in Serbian language and literature. During my studies, I spent two semesters on student exchanges – winter semester of 2017/18 at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland and the summer semester of 2020/21 at the University of Graz. In addition to learning languages, I also love music. I finished music school, in the piano department, and since my high school days I have been singing in choirs and vocal ensembles. I am currently employed at the Foundation Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture as Social Media Associate and Lector.