What are your resolutions for this year?

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We are back! Probably almost every person has made New Year’s Eve resolutions, which means that you set goals for the upcoming year and promised to reach them. For example, one could make a resolution to quit smoking or lose weight. Sometimes people promise very unusual things. But what do students tend to promise? 

To make it more fun and informative we decided to conduct multiple interviews in Thomas Morus Heim and calculate the statistics of the most popular resolutions. Of course, everything is anonymous for privacy reasons.

Here are all mentioned promises:

  • Adapt a routine: wake up at the same time, for example
  • Do sports regularly
  • Find a girlfriend / win a girl’s heart
  • Finish bachelor / master studies on time
  • Start reading a book
  • Find a job
  • Visit parents as often as possible
  • Expand the network (private, not business)
  • Sleep more than 5 hours!
  • Eat healthier
  • Exclude sweets (that’s a bold and risky one)
  • Spend less time on phone
  • Travel more
  • Write a diary 

As we can see in general students want to maintain healthier lifestyle, find a girlfriend/boyfriend, be employed, and/or start a new hobby.

However, some students were more creative and shared their funny resolutions that they are seriously planning to keep and make true. Since the reasoning is always interesting, we asked them to elaborate a bit more on their answers. 

Neujahrsvorsätze 2024
Neujahrsvorsätze 2024

M: I am a typical girl. I have many female and male friends, and overall active social life. I enjoy it a lot! But there is one treat that I would want to abandon – I want to stop gossiping. Although Rachel Green (“Friends”) said “I don’t gossip. maybe sometimes I find out things. or I hear something and I pass that information on. You know, kind of like a public service”, whose logic I totally understand [laughing], I leave this service out of my life. Sorry guys, public service isn’t available anymore. Let’s see how long I endure. :)

  • Stop gossiping
Jahresvorsatz: weniger tratschen
Jahresvorsatz: weniger tratschen

G: Hey, I try to keep up with three things: sleep, work/studies, and social life. My friend once said: “You can’t have all three. It is simply not possible. You have to choose – either you sleep and socialize, or study and socialize, or you’re just a boring person.” Since I am a very social person, I work at two places, and tend to organize events for friends, I take on way to many things. It leads to multitasking and burning out. So, yeah, I want to stop multitasking and plan less things.

  • Stop multitasking
Jahresvorsatz: Qualität statt Quantität
Jahresvorsatz: Qualität statt Quantität

C: I think no one is perfect at shopping. Even if you plan precisely, you cannot simply buy only what you need. I am even worse. [smiling] I tend to buy way too many useless things, and I honestly want to stop doing that, although I feel like only losing my job could stop me from doing that. [ laughing]

  • Buy less useless staff 
nachhaltig & sinnvoll shoppen
Jahresvorsatz: nachhaltig & sinnvoll shoppen

A: I study at WU and we have beerpong tournaments on a monthly, if not weekly basis as there is no party without beerpong. I want to impress my friends and one girl, who I like, so I want to get better at this game. I think it’s a cool resolution, and I have many possibilities to train my skills. WU students know what I mean. [laughing and winking]

  • Get better at beerpong 
Beerpong-Weltmeister:in werden
Jahresvorsatz: Beerpong-Weltmeister:in werden

What resolution did you make? No matter whether it’s funny or serious, we wish you to be strong and hold your promise! Good luck with the last month of this semester!

All the best from Vlada and Akademikerhilfe