Study break walks in Linz - Three nice walks close to the "Pulvermühlstraße" dormitory

The week goes by with numerous college courses, study evenings and Netflix sessions and you have not left the study center or your dorm room all day. Maybe it's time to get some air and to take a deep breath.

In this article, I listed three long walks where you can take a break and explore some beautiful places in Linz close to the "Pulvermühlstraße" dormitory. All you have to do is leave the dorm and walk. With maps of the routes to walk along. By Julia Hesse

#1 "Der Schatzweg" - A walk on the treasure trail in Linz

About 1 hour and 30 minutes

Under the bridges
View on Linz on Elmsberg. (c) Julia Hesse/

I actually just wanted to visit the parish St. Magdalena when I discovered a couple of narrow stairs that led me to the street Oberbairinger Straße. At the end of this street I have discovered the trail called "Schatzweg", which means "treasure trail" in German (What an exciting name!).

The trail leads to the hill called "Elmsberg" from which you can have a really great view of Linz, especially when the weather is great. Along the trail you may discover a couple of farms that offer homemade jams, honey, eggs, drinks and much more, with honesty boxes for payment. So if you are in for a little farm spree, you might want to take some cash money with you.

Along the Schatzweg there is a small restaurant called "SchatzBauer" which offers snacks and drinks and a great view surrounded by nature. You might want to check its availability beforehand, as it is not opened all year round, but when it is, it truly is a great place to take a rest from your wanderlust. 

I didn't walk all the way to the end but decided to take a shortcut through the forest behind the university to get back to our dormitory.

Map of the "Schatzweg" (treasure trail) close to the "Pulvermühlstraße" dormitory. (c) Julia Hesse /

#2 A walk along small streams

About 50 minutes

A small stream close to the Pulvermühlpark, with a large field on your right and a narrow path on your left. (c) Julia Hesse /

A slightly shorter route starts directly behind the Pulvermühlstraße dormitory and leads to the small bridge at the back of the Pulvermühlpark. When you go along the left side of the Linzer Straße, you will cross another bridge. Afterwards you will see a large field on your right and a narrow footpath on your left that goes along a small stream. This path is particularly beautiful in autumn as you will be surrounded by colorful leaves. Behind the trees on the left is a large golf court, just in case you would like to try disc golf once.

Route of the walk along the small rivers in LInz

At the end of the path along the small stream there is a large meadow, which is in front of the settlement called "Harbachsiedlung". I circled the meadow and walked a little bit through the Heilhamer Park before I walked back to the dormitory. If you would like to walk a little longer, you can also walk around the whole golf court before walking back to the "Pulvermühlstraße" dormitory.

#3 Under the bridges along the Danube river in Linz

About 1 hour and 30 minutes

small rivers
Have a nice walk along the Blue Danube! (c) Julia Hesse / 

Last but not least, going for a nice walk along the Danube River is a must. This time you start off this walk by walking along to the right side of the river, in the direction of the city center, where you will pass under the VÖEST bridge and a railway bridge. Between  the VÖEST bridge and the railway bridge, there is a skate park and an area for fitness exercises with various exercise equipments (great for practicing pull-ups!). If you like to go jogging, you can complete your jogging route with a few strength exercises here. The street that leads to the second bridge is called "Linke Brückenstraße".

When I walked in that area, I discovered an exciting second hand store called Altwaren Schauer on the right-hand side - ideal for everyone who likes to rummage through old things to discover little treasures.

walk under the bridges
A walk along the Danube river and under the bridges in Linz. (c) Julia Hesse / 

You can go back to the dormitory by going to the Heilhamer Park and past the golf court and walk the reverse route along the small stream as described in the previous trail of this blog. 

About the author

My name is Julia Hesse. I have been living in Linz since October 2021. I am currently studying psychology at the JKU Linz and maybe you might have noticed that I love discovering new places by foot. I hope my blogs help you to do the same. :)

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