Seize the summer: recommendations and suggestions

Hey everyone! Finally, all exams and deadlines are over! In Thomas Morus Heim we celebrated it with a Semester Closing party.
You probably wonder: “What is next? How do students usually spend their summer?” I am here to answer your questions!

Usually, students plan their summer in advance in accordance with the university deadlines and starting dates of the new semester. Since students’ budget is often limited, they look for opportunities to organize affordable holidays with friends following these steps:

  • Check Wizz Air, Ryanair, Easyjet, etc. to find cheap flights. 
  • Choose the destination based on the prices.
  • Search for hostels or Airbnb apartments there.

Some students invite their friends over. For instance, a friend of mine is from Croatia, and she invited us to stay at her house for a week.

(c) Vlada Petrova / Akademikerhilfe
(c) Vlada Petrova / Akademikerhilfe

To sponsor these vacations, many students search for a summer job or an internship. Such opportunities are to be found on the following websites and many others:

One of the most popular ways to spend summer holidays for international students is to visit their family.
However, not everyone leaves Vienna. Those who stay have plenty opportunities of how to spend the summer in Vienna. 

  1. Go on a (wine) hike 
    a. In Vienna: Kahlenberg
    b. Near Vienna: Rax, Schneeberg, etc.
  2. Swim in Alte Donau, sunbath and have a picknick 
  3. Cycle to Low Austria on the Donauinsel
  4. Visit Klosterneuburg Bad
  5. Visit museums (Albertina, Belvedere, Leopold, etc.)
  6. Do sports outdoors
  7. Try Austrian cuisine at a “Gasthaus” (Personal recommendations: Neubauschenke, Schnitzelwirt)
  8. Rent a boat
  9. Go carting or play paintball
(c) Vlada Petrova / Akademikerhilfe
(c) Vlada Petrova / Akademikerhilfe

We posted these ideas in a video on Instagram. You can watch it and share your own ideas with others by adding them in the comments below the video.

Also, summer weekends are a great opportunity to explore other cities and countries. 

  1. Salzburg (with Dachstein and Hallstadt)
  2. Graz (2.5 h by train)
  3. Linz (1.5 h by train)
  4. Bratislava (1.5 h by bus; 7 euro with ISIC card)
  5. Budapest (2.5 h by train; 14-20 euro) 
  6. Prague (4h by train; 9 euro)

My personal recommendation is to take a look at Regiojet, Flixbus, and Oebb. They offer affordable trips to these destinations quite often. To sum up, a typical student’s summer is a mixture of work, city trips, and leisure activities.

Enjoy your summer holidays!

All the best,