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Hi everyone! Welcome back to those who have been following us for some time and a warm welcome to the newcomers!

Finally, a new semester has started in all universities by now. While many young people are planning their semester and fighting for spots in uni courses, soon-to-be students are still considering where and what to study. Often this choice is one of the most important choices in our lives since it prescribes who we will become (besides a good person of course :) ). To help these people to make the right choice, we asked students who have been studying for several years or already graduated to share their experience on how they were selecting their study program and what tips they could give you.


Was soll ich studieren? Was ist bei der Studienwahl zu beachten?
Was soll ich studieren? Was ist bei der Studienwahl zu beachten?












Vlada: Hi guys, so could you please tell us about your study background and share what helped you to choose your study program?

Kathi (23): I have just graduated from my Masters in Marketing at WU. I chose this program after carefully reading syllabus and attending an online program event. I would highly recommend doing it, especially to students from abroad who cannot come on campus. During this online event, the program manager answers a lot of questions which really help you to better prepare for the selection process and understand whether it is the right program for you. By the way, funny fact: I started following several WU students on Instagram who regularly posted something about university and library pictures, which motivated me to better prepare for the exams and apply for the program. Of course, they do not provide you with academic details, but they at least give this student vibe and show how student life looks like.


  • Online program event
  • Read the program page and the syllabus
  • Gather info on Social Media

Lena (21): Hi everyone, I am doing my bachelors at Graduate School of Management SPbU. I came to Vienna for my exchange semester at WU. What helped me to make the choice for the bachelor program? Hm, to be honest, attending the “open doors” event in person (similar to what Kathi mentioned) played an important role in my choice. This event gave me an opportunity to visit this amazing building and talk to students who are already pursuing their studies there. All this atmosphere and received information helped me to finalize my decision. In addition to that, I talked to my friends and they helped me to realize what my inclinations, strengths and weaknesses are. For example, they noticed that I am good at organizing, communication and math. These aspects gave me a hint that finance management could be an option for me. 


  • Visit campus 
  • Talk to current students
  • Consult with friends and family

Tom (24): Hali halo, I was pursuing my studies in law at University of Linz and last week switched to the University of Vienna (UniWien). It was last minute decision, because of personal reasons. So I applied at the last moment and didn’t have time to prepare all documents. For this reason, I had to start my education at a different university than what I wished for. My advice is to carefully consider where and what you want to study, prepare all documents, consult with study service at the university, and check the deadlines. What really helped me to make the choice of my studies is my family. They pointed out my personal treats and shared their work experience in this field, mentioning all advantages and disadvantages.


  • Prepare all documents
  • Consult with study service at the university
  • Check the deadlines
  • Talk to your family

Daniel (22): Hello to all readers of this blog! I am currently in the last year of Software Engineering bachelor program at TU Wien. My first touch with TU happened during the school trip to this university. We had an opportunity to sit in a classroom with students and solve real cases studies. This experience gave me an idea of how my future studies could look like. I have heard that WU also organizes such events for high school students. Guys, join these events! They are very insightful, trust me!


  • Attend student days at university

Vlada: Okay, thank you very much for your diverse advice! I think it was an interesting Q&A session with many helpful insights. Dear future students, if I may share my opinion with you, I would say: dare and don’t stress. You can manage everything and you can change everything if you want to! Dream and achieve! We wish you successful preparation for your future studies. As a bonus, we offer you a unique opportunity to contact us and ask your questions about mentioned universities. We are happy to help you.

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