Student representation

One characteristic element of living in a student hall is the chance for residents to have a share in the shaping of residence life.

The student representatives act in the interest and on behalf of the residents towards the managing society. The rights and duties of the student representatives are laid down in the Student Residence Law. The residence representatives may, for example, draw up local residence rules, they can pass on wishes of residents to the managing society, they are entitled to have a say in the process of contract renewals, they are in charge of shaping the social aspects of residence live etc.

Funds of the student representatives
In order to enable student representatives to actively shape residence life they receive financial means: Every resident must make a contribution once per academic year (normally in October or on check-in). These payments are used to cover damages whose perpetrator cannot be identified. The balance amount between the total of all contributions per annum minus the cost of said damages will be paid to the student representatives in the following academic year. These funds can be used at the discretion of the student representatives.

Members of the Residence Representation
According to Austrian Student Residence Law §7 (1) a residence representation must consist of at least three members. The exact number and the functions of the student representation must be laid down by the representatives in the Student Residence Rules. As a rule the student representatives are elected for one year in elections based on the general, equal and secret principles of the voting right. Every resident of the respective student residence has the right to vote. Possible functions of the student representation are Residence Representative, Deputy Representative, Treasurer, Allocation Representative. Acquisition Representative (in charge of purchasing and keeping items such as games, ironing boards, ...), Storeroom Responsible etc.

Information about Student Representation

The current Residence Representatives and their contact data are published in every residence, usually in special show-cases in the lobby. The Residence Representatives are glad to answer your questions concerning residence life and to help you in case of problems.