Share your experience from abroad!

Before going abroad it may be wise to ask other students about their experiences.

As providers of student residences we care about your living conditions and don’t want to send you abroad unprepared. That’s why we want to encourage every resident who has studied abroad to share their experiences with our residents.

We kindly ask all the students who have gained some experience abroad to write a brief report about their stay with the focus on living conditions. No matter whether you spent a full term abroad or did an internship, studied at a summer university or the like – please share your experiences with our other residents!

What to do: Simply download the draft of the Experience Report, complete and mail it together with some pictures of you accomodation abroad to the mail-address mentioned in the questionnaire. Should there be any problems with completing the form, send us an e-mail, please, and we will mail the questionnaire to you. As soon as the first reports have arrived they will be put online on our homepage! We should be glad to receive many such reports!

Experience report Bordeaux, France (German)

Experience report Luxembourg (German)

Experience report Elmshorn, Germany (German)

Experience report Bergen 1, Norway (German)

Experience report Bergen 2, Norway  (German)

Experience report Oxfort, UK (German)

Experience report Stockholm, Sweden (German)

Experience report Huelva, Spain (German)

Experience report Le Havre, France (German)

Experience report Salamanca, Spain (German)

Experience report Brisbane, Australia (German)

Experience report Malta (German)

Experience report Malung, Sweden (German)

Experience report Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Experience report Istanbul, Turkey (German)

Experience report Uppsala, Sweden (German)