The final cleaning fee is payable upon each check-out or change of rooms. Usually the final cleaning fee is set off with a possible deposit, that means in case of for instance 500 € for deposit, this amount will be settled with the € 70 lump sum for cleaning.

STUDY ABROAD: I am a resident in one of your student halls and would like to study abroad for a semester. Can I get a room in the residence again when I return?

You can register as “on temporary leave” for the period of your semester abroad. You won’t have to pay a housing fee for that period and you will receive a room in your original residence again on coming back. The Student Service must be notified at least 2 months prior to the planned check-out – just like in case of a cancellation.

REGISTRATION: How do I register for a student residence room?

Applications for residence rooms can only be made online. Click Registration  and fill in the questionnaire. By remitting a small application fee (see other fees) you have completed the application. As soon as a room is available you will be informed by the Student Service.
Then you will have 14 days to decide whether you accept the room. By arranging a SEPA Direct Debit CORE in our favour for the monthly rental fee from your bank account you agree with the housing contract.

DEPOSIT: Do I have to pay a deposit (caution money) for the room?

A deposit is levied in all of our residences.  For details see "Rooms and rates" on the respective residence page. The repayment can not be expected earlier than two months after moving out, potential costs for repairing damages will be deducted from the repayment.

PRICE: What does the rate include?

The monthly rental fee covers all operating costs and electricity. In addition it includes internet access, building maintenance, cleaning of the common areas and the use of common rooms.

CANCELLATION OF A ROOM: Can I cancel a residence room after having accepted the allocation?

Generally, as soon as you accept a residence room our 2-months cancellation policy holds. If you cancel your room 2 months prior to check-in all of the monthly fee already paid (except the registration and administration fee) will be returned by us.

For example: Your confirmed the reservation of a room with check-in on October 1st by the installation of a SEPA Direct Debit CORE. Say, you haven’t passed an entrance exam or the A-levels or you begin your study in another university town. There are the following options:

  • Cancellation in writing by July 31: The first monthly rental fee will be refunded, the administration fee (currently € 50) will be withheld.
  • Cancellation from August 1: The first (and possibly the second - depending on the exact cancellation date) monthly fee and the administration fee will have to be paid.
EARLY CHECK-IN: Is it possible to check in a few days prior to the contract period?

If you want to check in before the date indicated in the contract please contact the janitor/residence manager of your residence. For the respective phone number see Contact and office hours. You will be informed from which date your room will be available. An individual date of check-in can be arranged then.
For earlier check-ins a daily rate will be charged. The janitor/residence manager will tell you the exact rate to be paid.

CANCELLATION POLICY: What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation period is 2 months, i.e. the cancellation must be received by the last day of the month. If you want to check out on May 31st, for example, your cancellation must be received in writing by March 31st at the latest. In writing means either by e-mail, by fax (01-40176-38), by letter or on the cancellation form available at the janitor/residence manager or at the Student Service.

BANK ACCOUNT: What is the bank account number of Akademikerhilfe?


Please use the following account numbers for your payment (e.g. rental fee, deposit):

INSTALLATION OF A SEPA DIRECT DEBIT CORE: At the moment I pay the monthly rental fee in cash. How do I change the form of payment to SEPA Direct Debit Core

First of all, you need a bank account in an EC state using EURO as currency. You can enter the account data in our Online Portal (Log-in details will be send by E-Mail at the latest when you check-in).

CHANGE OF ROOMS: How do I apply for a change of room?

First of all you need to place a “room request” on our Online Portal. Login details will be sent by e-mail, at the latest when you check-in. Go to “room request”, select the desired type(s) of rooms (criteria may be size, view etc.) and put them on your “list of options” by mouse-click. Rooms are allocated on a first-come-first-serve principle: As soon as no-one else is ranked before you the desired room will be allocated.
! PLEASE NOTE ! If a room on your list of options becomes available you must accept it. Please do not place a room request if you are satisfied with your present room.

LOG-IN AND ONLINE PORTAL: What is the log-in for residents? How do I get to the Online Portal?

Access the Online Portal via "Login for residents” , the button is permanently visible on the right side of the homepage. Resident get their access details  by e-mail, at the latest at check-in.
Here you may
•    check and amend your personal data,
•    manage your contract renewal,
•    place a room request.

Please check your personal data right after check-in! It is very important that your phone number and your e-mail address are correct in order to receive important or urgent information (deadlines for contract renewal etc.).
Contract renewals for the next academic year are usually decided in April and May. The exact period in which to place a request for contract renewal will be announced by e-mail. That is why correct e-mail addresses are vital! For a contract renewal residents must prove their course of study and the exams  required to be eligible for a place in a student residence. Akademikerhilfe reserves the right to decide about contract renewals.
In the box room request you can compile a list of options with rooms you would like to change to. Please note! Do not send a room request if you are satisfied with your present room, as a desired room must be accepted as soon as it becomes available.

REGISTRATION WITH THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES: Do I have to register with the local authorities?

According to the Austrian Registration Law you have to register at the local registry office within three days after arrival. Before you go to the registry office, however, your registration form must be stamped and signed by the janitor of your residence. For further information consult the website of your university town.

EXTENSION OF CONTRACT OF USE: How do I extend my contract of use (housing contract)?

Housing contracts are extended on the Online Portal via "Login for residents” on our homepage. Login details  are sent by e-mail.
Contract renewals are scheduled in March/April, you will be notified by e-mail about the exact period. For a contract renewal a positive progress of studies must be proved according to Student Residence Law, i.e. you must include the proof of exams passed. You will be informed by e-mail about the renewal of your contract.

CAR PARKING: Where can I get information about car parking on Akademikerhilfe premises?

Information about our parking facilities and the respective rates and contacts are provided on the site Offers or right here.

EVENT FACILITIES: Does Akademikerhilfe let event facilities too?

We have some event facilities in several Austrian towns on offer. For information and contacts see the site Offers or click right here.